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Y6 Hook
Y-shape multi-copter with 6 wings type, industrial use drone manufactured for the purpose of electric and communication line construction and surveillance of transmission towers
Applicable Fields
· Surveillance of transmission towers
· Helping communications or electricity can be connected without direct movement of manpower by installing a draft line
  between steel towers and supplying a line between rivers.
Product Descriptions
· Deliver a status of a steel tower to a user in real-time through a camera installed in a drone
· Payload: 1.5kg
· Control an on-off link installed at the bottom of a drone with a controller
· GPS Mode Support: A function that a drone flies to a designated location or maintains its location by itself without a user’s
  control when a user designates a height and location.
· Airframe Size: Width 520 x length 520 x height 225mm
· Airframe Weigh: 10kg
· Battery: Lithium Polymer 14.8V 5200mAh
· Flight Time: 20 minutes